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i absolutely love this new project in Victoria, BC!!! 601 Herald street is AMAZING and though Jason and i  really tried to capture the chic vibe of this loft it had way more to offer then meets the camera lens.  These units are a must see, touch and feel.

unlike your regular Downtown condos 601 HERALD has many different floor plans and options for views.  Depending on where you are in the building you can face the Sooke Hills or the vibrant bustle of Canada’s oldest China Town.

with 2 bedroom units starting @ $399,900 and junior 1 bedroom units @ $249,900 you can’t afford to BUY DOWNTOWN without checking out this great project.  Feast your eyes…

soaring 19 foot ceilings

cultured stone counter tops

brushed  white oak floors

top of the line stainless steel appliances

easy close espresso cabinetry

one or two bedroom floorplans, with the option of loft spaces or Zen garden terraces

for a personalized private tour of this FABULOUS landmark give me call or if you’ve seen it and need stellar negotiating tools to make sure you get the best deal from with the builder i can help.  250.686.3155

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Purchase + Improvements Mortgages in Victoria March 2012

First Purchase Plus Improvements Blog post of the Spring!  In Victoria,BC the Cherry Blossoms have been out for awhile and are really hitting their stride.  Well done Nature!!

This Week’s video made by Mortgage Specialist Jason Roy and I was filmed in a condo located in a beautiful building in central Victoria, BC.


Pink works great on the cherry blossom trees lining our lovely streets but it is not my favorite for kitchen counters and cabinets!! See for yourself…

Why do I think the condo’s perfect for a purchase plus improvements mortgage?

There really is a lot of aspects that attract me to this unit as a HOME for a growing family or even as an INVESTMENT before moving on to a house.  The POTENTIAL in this condo is EASILY REALIZED using financial products like the purchase plus improvements mortgage.  All that would be needed are some funds to update the kitchen, upgrade the flooring, and tackle the bathrooms.

Do you have the eye?

As a Real Estate Expert here in Victoria, BC I had the opportunity to show this condo to quite a few buyers.  The reactions were so different…Some of my clients caught on right away and were able to LOOK PAST the tired old carpet to SEE THE VALUE of this great condo while others found it soooo hard to do.

“Not Every Home is going to be freshly renovated, sparkling clean, and totally updated to your high standards.”

Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage Victoria, BC

The trick is to see past the stuff you don’t like to make great spaces become accessible to you or whatever taste you like.  YOU MAKE THE DESIGN DECISIONS and not the seller of the home.  Whether you work with a designer, an architect, your girlfriend with fantastic taste, financing your renovation with purchase plus improvements mortgages greatly expands your OPTIONS!  I am going out to enjoy the sunny spring day here in Victoria, BC but check in next Wednesday to see how our design expert changes this condo into a fantastic modern space taking full advantage of a purchase plus improvements mortgage.

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Purchase + Improvements Project of the Week in Victoria, BC

Featured in our purchase plus improvements project this week is a beautifully located Cordova Bay home with Beach Access and Breathtaking views. Perhaps not for the faint of heart, the beach is down a series of fairly steep stairs and this 1910 built home is in need of some TLC.  Some nice renovations were done in the 1980′s which don’t seem to be in too bad shape but are perhaps a little dated:

Purchase plus mortgages allow the buyer of this home to tackle more than just a new deck or exterior paint job but actually pull up the sleeves to strategize, craft, design, and get the creative juices flowing.  I asked our friend Sean Dance of D3 design studio to take a crack at it and see what he would do to vivify this home and help it fit better into its majestic setting.

Not only does this help situate this house on its rise overlooking the beach and Cordova Bay but from the new deck it allows you to really take in this view:


Both of these pics were taken from the property and believe me they do not do the views justice.  D3 design incorporated stone and wood elements that we all love so much on the West Coast and added to a facade that already let in a lot of light.  With the purchase plus improvements program this quite reasonably priced house can be given new life.  It is move in ready but with purchase + renovations on the property inside and outside it can really become a dream home.  Next, we will go through the interior of this property and look at some of the designs that were done in the ’80′s and also look at some areas that have had little done to them since it was built in 1910.

JK It is not that bad in there, although that pic looks quaint.

For those of you who may be interested, I am presenting at the Small Change Personal Finance Expo on Saturday March 10th. It is a great event with great speakers like the Smart Cookies and, of course, me.  Check back on this blog for more details or for more information on Victoria Real Estate and the Purchace Plus Improvements Financing Solutions.

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Purchase Plus Improvements Project of the Week in Victoria BC

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Purchase Plus Improvements Project of the Week in Victoria BC

This great turn of the century home is in an amazing location backing onto one of the most popular golf courses in Victoria BC.  It’s full of charm and character and all the quirky nooks you’d expect from an older home.  As with all time-honoured properties however things were starting to look a little tired and lacked some of the modern conveniences that today’s home buyers are looking for.

But because the home was in such a desirable neighbourhood and has great bones to work with it’s the perfect candidate for a purchase plus improvements mortgage.  A little bit of updating can go a long way to achieving a contemporary look without sacrificing the quality of life that an an established neighbourhood can offer.

To maximize the overall value of the home and take full advantage of the living space I knew that home buyers would want to tackle the kitchen and update the master suite first.  Also from a real estate perspective these two changes will provide a valuable return on investment.  The first thing to do is check in with designer Sean Dance of D3 design to see what the easiest way to change the layout of the kitchen and master suite will be.  Sean was able to take the kitchen out of the back corner of the house and incorporate it into the large living area creating an open concept.   In addition to doing floor plans and consultations Sean was able to generate helpful 3-D images of the changes we want to make to the home.   This is key to knowing if the renovations will really fit the space.

By moving the kitchen into the main living space Sean also freed up room to add an en-suite in the main bedroom of the house creating a proper master suite.

Once Sean drew up the plans and let us know what possible changes could be made to add value to the home, the next thing to do was check with Greg Greene of Unicorn Renovations to get an estimate on the cost of this renovation.  According to Greg opening up a wall in the master bedroom to give access to the new en-suite, installing the new en-suite and moving the current kitchen location into the main living space would cost a grand total of $30,000.  His estimate also took into account brand new appliances, drafting and design fees as permits.

Ok so we’ve found the house we love in the perfect neighbourhood and we know it has the potential to become the perfect living space.  The investment of $30,000 is reasonable but… who’s going to pay for all of this? Enter Jason Roy mortgage expert with TMG mortgages.  Jason’s job is to put a purchase plus improvements mortgage in place so buyers get the extra cash they need to do the renovation right away.  He’ll make sure that the lenders like the sound of this project and feel confident that the changes we want to do will in fact add value to the home.  Let’s see if this home would qualify for the purchase plus improvements mortgage:

Adding an en-suite? Check

Updating the Kitchen? Check

Total cost $30,000? Check

This project is definitely purchase plus improvements financing material. And the best part is the upfront cost will be almost the same as a conventional mortgage.  Maybe if we’re lucky there will even be a little cash left over to give this home some curb appeal.


Thanks for visiting and check back next Wednesday for another purchase plus improvements project of the week. In the mean time don’t hesitate to contact me  for details on how you can benefit from a purchase plus improvements mortgage in Victoria, BC.

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Are Your Ready to Buy Your First Home in Victoria, BC?

Many first time home buyers toil with the idea of  ’taking the plunge’ and finally purchasing a property of their own.  For many the prospect of becoming a home owner is both scary and exciting all at once.

A great way to gain valuable insight into what being a first time home buyer is really like  is to hear from others who’ve had a similar experience.

I asked the Stringers our past clients to share the experience of purchasing their first home and to tell me frankly what went well and what could have been better.

I learned from their answers and hope you do too!

  1. How long have you been in your home? 8 months
  2. What type of home were you looking for? Small house or townhouse
  3. Why did you choose to work with Christina and Patricia? They were recommended highly by friends.
  4. What was the biggest factor that influenced your decision to buy a home? We were tired of paying someone elses mortgage via rent. Wanted something we could invest in.
  5. Describe some of the things that you thought were easy about the home buying process.Actually all of it, we expected it to be really stressful but found that Patricia was so skilled and experienced that it took the scariness out of buying our first home.
  6. What where some of the things you found hard about it? Again, honestly the confidence we found in Patricia relieved the difficulty we thought we were going to encounter. Figuring out the timing of documents just after purchasing was the only time is was slightly confusing.
  7. What advice would offer someone buying their first home? Don’t expect to find the perfect home, find the perfect home for you. Every place is going to have something to deal with, it’s just a matter of what you are willing to deal with. It’s an exciting experience so breathe and go with it.
  8. Describe the funniest thing that’s happened to you in the purchase process. We were ‘sure’ twice that we found THE place and I didn’t want to even look at more places but with my husband and Patricia’s encouragement we looked at more and found our current home, thank God we didn’t stop at the first two because our home meets our preferences way more! Also amusing was a place we looked at that had dozens of bathtubs strewn over the property :)
  9. Describe the worst thing. Can’t think of anything negative in this process.
  10. What are the qualities about your home that make living there enjoyable? We are able to have our pets live with us without consent of a ‘landlord’, the forest behind our yard is beautiful, it is mostly quiet and peaceful and has a good size yard for the dogs. We are paying less a month for our mortgage than our previous rent! It’s OURS! :) looking forward to having our first house one day and we are loving our first home now.

Here are a few things to ask your self when deliberating your readiness to take the next step towards home ownership.

1. Do you have job stability?

2. Can you stay in your new home for at least the next 5 years?

3.  Are there properties on the market for you to buy that are more affordable than rent?

These are just a few of the opening questions that you’ll want to consider as you work with your real estate agent to determine what’s right for you.

If you are in Victoria, BC contact patriciakiteke@gmail.com for a personalized first time home buyer needs analysis.

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First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyers


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